UNISEX - Wish U Were Here Doll


Image of UNISEX - Wish U Were Here Doll

• WUWH Dolls are $39 each
• WUWH Dolls are 32cm tall (white on the front with pic)
• UNISEX material on the back (Usually colourful geometric or dot pattern)
• Images are Heat bonded (machine washable and won't peel)
• I choose the material for the backing of your doll, I use only the best and latest quality designer fabrics ( you can specify a colour if you would prefer to but i will choose the print, I only do single people dolls, no group shots or couples due to printing restrictions.

NOTE: Wish U Were Here Dolls items are handmade with love and we want to make sure that they always reach you safely. For this reason I offer trackable prepaid satchel post

Once you have ordered here u will be confirmed on the list for your custom order, I keep a list in order as i have an extreme amount of orders come through, generally it takes 3-4 weeks from when i receive your photo to complete your order. I understand because your loved one is away alot there might be difficulties in getting a photo to me so u can do this when u r ready after payment of your order

email photo to wishuwereheredolls@bigpond.com
Please include your (NAME U ORDERED IN) and order number in email

The photo must be hi res, camera shot are the best (a good idea is to get him to bring home his uniform for his week back, that way u can get a great shot!!) but i am accepting phone photos but u must set it to the highest quality setting in your camera settings on your phone. so your hubby can text it to u and u can email it to me, the photo MUST be as follows - front on with hands by side or hands behind back and nothing cutting in over the body, also make sure there is no shadows crossing the body. These type of photos work the best and also are a good size and shape for the kids to cuddle and take with them places, I will not accept any responsibility for photos sent that are not done in this way, it just doesn't turn out as well.