Wish U Were Here Dolls - PETS/family photo


Image of Wish U Were Here Dolls - PETS/family photo

• WUWH Doll PETS are $39 each and 15cmx20cm size
• WUWH Dolls PETS are a portrait or landscape picture with background included, please note the background for pets isn't removed, so its a full photo with white border on front and pattern material on back
• Girl, Boy or Unisex material on the back (for owner)
• Images are Heat bonded (machine washable and won't peel)
• I choose the material for the backing of your doll, I use only the best and latest quality designer fabrics ( you can specify a colour if you would prefer to but i will choose the print, I only do one sided pet pillows, If you would like a group shot of a few of your pets in the pic thats fine!!

NOTE: Wish U Were Here Dolls items are handmade with love and we want to make sure that they always reach you safely. For this reason I offer trackable prepaid satchel post only.

1 doll = $8.25
2 dolls= = $13.25
3 Dolls = $16.25
4 or more dolls = $17.25

Once you have ordered here u will be confirmed on the list for your custom order, I keep a list in order as i have an extreme amount of orders come through, generally it takes 3-4 weeks from when i receive your photo to complete your order. You can email me the photo when u r ready after payment of your order

email photo to wishuwereheredolls@bigpond.com
Please include your (NAME U ORDERED IN) and order number in email

The photo must be hi res, camera shot are the best , i am accepting phone photos but u must set it to the highest quality setting in your camera settings on your phone. the photo MUST be as follows - You pet in a sitting position facing the camera. These type of photos work the best, if your pet has passed away and it is meant a a memory pillow i will accept what u have.

I look forward to seeing your beautiful Fur Babies and creating a memory for you!! Loz